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Here are a grouping of useful weblinks.  We've attempted to provide a useful grouping of sites including other faceting related organizations, places to get patters, gem rough and supplies and to reseach the hobby futher.  
If you find a dead link, please let us know!  

New Gem Design Archive
Designs at GemologyOnline
Willamette Faceting Guild Web Site
Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals
GemCad and GemRay
The Facet Shoppe (John Franke’s site)
Find Datavue 2 here.
The Gemstone Artist (John Bailey’s site for Voodoo
Magic Polish and others)
Beta Diamond Products
Ameritool Inc. Lapidary and Glass Equipment
Charles Covill Design Books
Jeff Graham’s books can be purchased at
An archive of Jeff Graham’s site can be found at
Facetron Faceting Machines, Jarvi Tool Co.
Ultra Tec Faceting Machines
Poly-Metric Faceting Machines
Gems and Rough (Chuck James site for buying faceting rough)
The Image - Gems, Gemology, Faceting, Photography
Bob’s Rock Shop and Rock and Gem Magazine
Custom Cut Gems (Lisa Elser’s site)
Gemology On-Line  (Great resourse site!)