Joining the North Puget Sound Faceting Guild


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Interested in learning how to facet or more about gemstones?  The North Puget Sound Faceting Guild is a great place to do this.
We're a dedicated group that meets monthly to explore different aspects of the hobby and share information. If you'd like to
join, the dues are $15.00 (US) per adult or $30.00 per family.   All you need to do is print out this page, fill out the information
and mail it to:     NPSFG, PO Box 2086 Everett, WA 98213

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________________________

City / State / Zip / Country ____________________________________________________________

Phone: (____) _____________________ Email: ___________________________________________

Occupation(s):_________________________________________________ Retired? ___ Yes ___ No

Other skills/hobbies: __________________________________________________________________

Other family members joining: ___________________________________________________________

Are you a member of any other rock and mineral club or Faceting Organization? ____ Yes ____ No             

        Do you own a faceting machine?  ______ Yes  ______ No    If yes, type of machine? _____________________

If yes, list__________________________________________________________________________

How did you hear of our Guild?__________________________________________________________

What areas of the guild are you interested in?

Faceting _______ Gem Identification ________ Competition Cutting _____ Field Trips_____ Collecting_____

Volunteering ______ Other:_______________________________________________________________

Payment Enclosed: $_____________ cash ______ check # __________ # of adult memberships: _____  

Mail your applicaytion and payment to:  NPSFG,  PO Box 2068 Everett, WA 98213